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#ProudlyMars: Petcare Associates lend a helping hand

Who would’ve thought 2020 would be the year that toilet paper and hand sanitizer became precious commodities? The COVID-19 pandemic has seen panic-buying around the world, resulting in shortages on many essential household items. For many of our Associates on the frontline, it was proving harder and harder to source the hand sanitiser needed for them to safely perform their essential work duties at our Mars Petcare Australia manufacturing sites in Wodonga and Bathurst.


Chunky, chewy and tasty, GOOD-O® has protein for muscles, calcium for strong teeth, grains for digestive health and essential fatty acids and zinc to keep your dog's coat looking healthy.

Chewing, Fetching, Exploring, Licking, Jumping, Sniffing, Rolling, Running and Bounding excitedly to the door when my owner gets home...  Good-O! It's a hard job, but someone has to do it. And for all the fuel I need to make the most of my day I munch on Good-O!


For decades, TRILL has been helping bird owners take care of their feathered family members. The range includes fortified seed mixes, treats made with pure honey, and MIX-IN fruit and vegetable blends, designed to be a convenient supplement to a birds diet.

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Ever wondered why DOGS GO WACKO FOR SCHMACKOS? It's because SCHMACKOS treats are specifically designed to smell and taste absolutely amazing... to a dog. Yep, dogs will do pretty much anything for a SCHMACKOS - like behave, perform a trick, or turn into a dog ninja and scale the kitchen bench to open the SCHMACKOS cupboard. 


OPTIMUM provides expert nutrition to ensure your dog is in peak condition, so you and your dog can enjoy a freer, more exhilarating life together. 

Proudly used and recommended by veterinarian Dr Chris Brown, the OPTIMUM  range of products have been developed with nutritionists and vets from Waltham - a world leading authority on pet care and nutrition.


At MY DOG®, we know that you and your dog are the best of friends. You want to share in everything together, especially when it comes to mealtimes. Which is why we put our heart and soul into crafting delicious dog food recipes your dog will love. We want both of you to share that special moment together. 

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Our dedicated wild bird feeding brand, HARMONY is the choice of the responsible wild bird feeder. Focused on bringing nature to people’s backyards, the range includes seed and nectar mixes, self hanging treats, and a no waste range of products using de-hulled seed.

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Give them a mouthful of confidence.

GREENIES™ the tasty treat that bends not breaks for a deep clean and fresher breath

Unique texture fights plaque and tartar
Vet recommended 
Freshens Breath
Made with natural ingredients

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Since 1895, we have been producing the GOLDEN COB Breeder’s Quality range of seed mixes, to provide Australian Birds with the nutrition they need for health & vitality.

Developed by reputable breeders & avian experts, they combine a consistent blend of carefully selected, quality seeds.

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