Mars Goes to the Dogs (and Cats) ! !

When our Associates talk about why they love their jobs, ‘pets at work’ is always a popular response. We love sharing stories of exceptional people doing unique work for their segments and the community—so it was high time to spotlight the talented and adorable furry friends who join us at the office or factory. Meet the Pets of Mars, celebrated throughout the year as yet one more reason Mars is such a great place to work!

  • Jon Snow is the tiniest (and fuzziest) body builder you’ve ever seen. When he hits the office gym, there’s always a crowd! (owner Eric, Mars HQ, McClean, Va.)
  • If it’s break time, Layla is the first one in line. Recess was her favorite subject in obedience school. (owner, Marina, Pet Nutrition, Brazil)
  • Some newcomers are so cute, they inspire their own job titles. David has been crowned King Doggo and CPO (Chief People Officer)! (owner, Ryan, Banfield, Portland, Ore.)
  • Tudou is always upbeat when someone on his team drops the ball. And more than happy to go pick it up! (owners, Li Zhen and Wang Ran, Pet Nutrition, Asia Pacific)
  • Vrillis needs to see you in his office… bring your own treats. (owner, Vassiliki Porgioti, Mars Hellas, Athens)
  • If you can’t find your keyboard, there’s a good chance Ollie had something to do with it. (owner, Steve, Legal Counsel, Tennessee)
  • Teamwork makes the dreamwork! Bam Bam and Pretzel are the office dynamic duo stealing hearts—and treats. (owner Dr. Susan Wan, Petcare, Malaysia and Singapore)
  • From life on the streets to corporate conference room in less than a year? Mora is a fast-track pup. Only at Mars! (owner, Adalberto Cozzi Palma, Petcare, Brazil)

If you’ve never brought your pet to work with you before, it’s hard to imagine the benefits: reduced stress, increased activity, frequent collaboration, sky-high morale and so much more.

Picturing your pet right at home, snuggled up with you in your cubicle? Sherman and Paddington show us how it’s done in this special day-in-the-life video celebrating the great Pets of Mars!