M&M’S – Making Renewable Energy Even Sweeter

None of us can thrive without a healthy planet. At Mars, we believe that everyone – including businesses and brands – has a responsibility to do their part to combat climate change. And our business and brands are committed to doing our part for the planet and for our consumers.

Today, M&M’S launched a campaign called Fans of Wind energy to engage consumers on how renewable energy can counteract climate change. Given the increasing urgency around climate change, it’s an issue everyone – including Red and Yellow – needs to get behind.

Now it’s more important than ever for M&M’S to launch Fans of Wind energy so our consumers can be informed and educated about renewable energy. One M&M on its own (known as a lentil) might seem small, but thanks to the love consumers have for the brand, we’re hoping to make a bigger impact.

Each of our consumers has the power to make small steps to increase their use of renewable energy to make big strides in ensuring the future health of our planet.


You can be a fan of wind energy and support clean energy too! Here are six ways you can join the clean energy revolution:

  1. Get informed. Learn about wind energy facts, trends, and statistics. Check out the American Wind Energy Association for fact on wind power, costs and national and subnational analysis.
  2. Find your footprint. Aspects of our everyday lives determine the amount of carbon dioxide emissions we are responsible for – our carbon footprint. There are several calculators available to help you find yours, such as the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Carbon Calculator.
  3. Be a smart energy user. Get tips for reducing your energy use and increasing energy efficiency which helps the planet and helps your pocket by lowering your electricity bill. Check out the Department of Energy’s Energy Saver pageEPA Energy and Environment page and Energy Star program for starters.
  4. Know your energy mix. Find out the power mix of your existing energy utility and the emissions produced by those sources with the EPA’s power profile report.
  5. Buy Green Power. You can change your carbon footprint and support clean energy by purchasing electricity from renewable sources. There are many options - from installing solar panels, to choosing renewable energy options from your energy service provider, to purchasing renewable energy credits, to crowdfunding new clean energy sources. You can start by calling your utility company or using the Green-e database to identify your clean energy options by zip code.
  6. Get engaged. Learn about renewable energy standards in your state, and discuss your support with your local officials. You can volunteer with or donate to civil society organizations that support clean energy and climate action and support local community renewable projects in developing countries. And most importantly, you can educate others about what you’ve learned!


Mars is not stopping there. We’re continuing to seek opportunities to increase our renewable energy usage to meet our goal of eliminating our greenhouse gas emissions from our operations by 2040. This initiative is a part of the newly launched Sustainable in a Generation Plan that outlines our forward-thinking commitment to invest almost $1 billion over the next three years to tackle urgent threats including climate change, poverty in the supply chain and scarcity of resources.

As it stands, the consequences of climate change are serious — changing rainfall patterns, floods, droughts and the spread of pests and diseases put whole habitats and communities at risk. But we have the power to act now to prevent further climate change. Here at Mars, we’re all fans of wind – because it’s good for our business, our consumers and our world.